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Created At 2019-08-30 16:56:01
Updated At 2019-09-06 06:32:27

What do Thai women want? Well I'll be honest now and tell you I don't know however we are sure as heck going to try and find out in this article! We'll go through how to use OkThaiLove to find perhaps the perfect Thai woman. Lets get to it.

Getting Started

To get started you'll need to create an account with OkThaiLove. Don't worry, it's free and you can even send messages for free. We do have a premium tier which we'll explain later!

Head to our Home (it will open a new link) or if you're an Android user, why not head to our Android app. Unfortunately we don't have an iOS app yet, so please use our website :).

When you create your account, we collect a mixture of personal and physical data, things like how tall you are, do you smoke etc. We use this information to help match you with like-minded Thai women and now the secret to Thai dating and finding Thai women! A nice profile picture! I cannot stress how important your profile picture is. If you want Thai women to first, respond to you and secondly contact you, take your time to find, or heck take a new selfie just for OkThaiLove :)!

To find out all the secrets about Thai dating click on the link! Our Thai dating page takes off from where we leave here, and takes you through everything to expect from cultural norms to dating norms and back.

Whilst setting up your account you will also be asked to specify a location, age and other preferences you have in Thai women. This data will be used as your default search settings and it will also stop people from outside of those specifications from contacting you.

And Now The Search Begins!

OkThaiLove Search 

Your account is ready! It's time to begin browsing through Thai women and making connections. Lets go through a few basic online dating strategies.

What To Look Out For

Profile Pictures... Are Photoshopped

Thai society pressures Thai's and especially women, into looking white. It's simply part and parcel of dating a Thai woman and you can expect (almost) every single picture to be altered. They typically download camera apps that automatically make their skin lighter and removes acne etc. Even if you ask for a real picture, there's a good chance she really doesn't have a real one! The simple solution here is to hang out on video chat :)

First Impressions

We've done the analysis on our data and users who begin a conversation with "Hi", "Hey", "Hey, how are you?", "My line is XXX" etc have around a 15% response rate. Compare that with longer messages that are more personal, which have a response rate of 75%!

How can you craft the perfect opener then? Well you can use your knowledge of Thai culture and her personal information and get your creative juices flowing!

Also, try to keep your English fairly direct and to the point. Not many Thai women will understand sarcasm, or puns, or .. unless they've been in a relationship with a foreigner before.

Staying Safe

Look, you can never be sure who you are talking to online. The best advice here is to message within the OkThaiLove app. Ask many questions, ask for pictures and really get to know the Thai woman you're talking with. That way, you only give our your personal contact details to Thai women you trust.

Moving To The Next Level

At some point you will be exchanging your Line ID. Line is the most popular messaging app in Thailand, and if you didn't know that, stop and download it now!

To say it again, really do use Line. A normal Thai woman more than likely will not have Whatsapp on their phone. 

Supporting OkThaiLove And Becoming A Premium Member

Firstly, if you don't have the resources or don't want to support OkThaiLove skip to the bottom of the article and create your account, it's free and you get to send a limited number of free messages every day! For everyone else, let me try to convince you into becoming a premium member!

Really, we don't have the best sales pitch here because a lot of our features are free. That said, becoming a premium member will boost your profile, other members will be able to see that you are a premium member which our data shows increases the response rate and you'll be able to send unlimited messages and pictures to Thai women. You'll also receive priority support from the OkThaiLove team if the need arises.

Good luck!

Well, I think the rest is up to you now. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via the feedback option in our app or through social media.