How To Know A Thai Woman Is Into You

The top 3 signs a Thai woman is into you
Created At 2018-11-27 12:58:02
Updated At 2018-12-30 05:57:25

There are millions of beautiful Thai women who are dating online right now! How do you spot when they are into you? How do you save your time (and potentially heart)? Read on.

They Initiate A Conversation With You

Whether she sent the first message, or you did, a timely response is an obvious sign that you said something right! In general, if they don’t get back to you within 24 hours, it’s a no.

Our data suggests that most users expect a reply within 24 hours, and after that quality of responses drop and eventually die out.

The big takeaway here is, don’t simply wait for a reply. Yes, you may have met the most beautiful Thai woman in the entire world but there’s nothing wrong with continuing your search while she replies. We’ve mentioned before that we see our role as helping you connect with as many beautiful Thai women as you’d like to meet!

They Take The Time To Look At Your Profile

You find a Thai woman, you take a look at her profile and send a message like “Hey XXX, how are you? I really like horror films as well, what’s your favorite?”, her response will tell you so much about her.

If her response is a few words it could mean one of three things. Firstly, her English is poor and she’s afraid to get something wrong. Secondly, it could mean that she’s not into you. Thirdly, she’s talking to many people and doesn’t have time!

The same is true if a Thai woman messages you. If their message is low quality like “Hello” how much do they care!? Of course… that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother replying, it could be that they are scared of simply using English. You’ll definitely be able to figure what’s going on after 20-30 messages. The vast majority of Thai women will open up and be less concerned about their English and actually want to get to know you! On the flip side, if the short low quality answers continue, they might be stringing you along!

On OkThaiLove, on average users chat for 3 weeks before meeting in person, the stats on this seem to be skewed because of distance, but we feel it’s still a relevant fact. If you’ve spent a period of time talking to a Thai woman and she’s not really asked you meaningful questions, it’s a huge red flag!

Your Second Date Is The Day After Your First

If you’ve been on a date with a Thai woman and things went so well that you arranged your second date, something went right, congratulations!

It’s actually very common, most couples plan their second date in real life, that is, on the first date. Our advice here is pretty straight forward. If you’re enjoying yourself and it looks like your partner is, simply ask her when she’d like to meet again. She will tell you the truth!

Now, on the part of Thai women, it may be 2018 but Thai women are very traditional and reserved. You might put off asking for a second date thinking she will ask you. The truth is, most won’t! In Thai society it’s very much that you are the man and should lead. Don’t be afraid of asking!

But… That's Not My Situation!

You may be reading this thinking “hang on, I’m not getting good replies if any at all!”. If that’s the case we highly suggest revisiting your profile, we’ve written on profile pictures before, they increase engagement by over 80%, it’s quite literally night and day. Profile pictures are just one part though. Do you have a biography? Do you have a favourite film, TV show, favourite album or song? Your profile information gives Thai women something to read and figure out “Hey, I like this person!”. If you have done this, feel free to reach out to us for help! We will audit your profile (for free) and suggest areas to improve!

We also offer a subscription, please note our platform is free to use, and free to chat however our subscription helps busy people. You rank higher on searches, you get put into more matches, you appear first! Our subscription helps busy people get in contact with beautiful Thai women.

We wish you the very best of luck on your love journey!