Dating Thai Girls

Thai Girls Are Beautiful!
Created At 2018-10-16 13:27:02
Updated At 2018-12-30 05:44:27

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, for good reason. Stunning beaches, a unique and welcoming culture, world-renowned food, an amazing nightlife and that’s just to mention a few of the best things about Thailand.

How does this fit into dating a Thai girl? A big chunk of Thailand’s tourism comes from single western men. These men often have the intention of coming to Thailand to find a beautiful Thai girl and this is totally mutual. Many Thai girls actively look to date westerners.

What To Expect From Dating A Thai Girl

Dating a Thai girl may be the best decision you make in your life. If you put the time, effort and care into your relationship Thai girls will stick with you through thick and thin.

Thai girls won't try to control every aspect of your life, want to watch the football? or have an occasional drink? There will be no arguments!

Thai girls are world renowned for their beauty. Thai girls tend to age well, they eat healthily and lead a healthy life style no smoking and limited drinking. You also don't see many Thai girls letting themselves go after marriage, they don't take you for granted.

Thai girls are feminine and are happy to fulfill that role. They will do the household chores without complaints and you won't get into arguments over who's doing the dishes.'

Beautiful Bangkok Girl Smiling In Local Bangkok Suburb

Stereotypes Of Dating Thai Girls

It's an unfortunate fact that false stereotypes (some negative) exist and are perpetuated by the media. As is usually the case with stereotypes the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Two prevalent stereotypes are that: Thai girls are submissive and Thai girls just want money.

Thai Girls Are Submissive

Thai girls are not submissive. This stereotype comes from the fact that Thai's avoid conflict and arguments, especially in public. This leads people to assume that Thai girls are pushovers, this isn't true. In a private relationship Thai girls may put up with problems for longer than western women, but they won't do it forever!

Thai Girls Just Want Money

Not having money is not a deal breaker with the vast majority of Thai girls, but as you all know money does help!

Thai girls are the same as other women from different cultures across the world, they would prefer a man who has their life sorted out, including a good income or financial situation.

Be it a student, teacher or waitress, a good income will give an indication that you are a responsible person that should the need arise, they can depend on you. This is obviously mutual and you should be confident that you can depend on your Thai girl when or if the time comes.

You may be thinking what about the older men with beautiful young Thai girls? Clearly in this case money does play a role, the limit here is about 15-20 years older, then the relationship is based on a clear understanding that money is a driving force. These Thai girls want to be taken care of, and in most cases both parties are happy and understand this arrangement - and really being happy is what's important!

What To Expect From Dating A Thai Girl

Thai girls are very feminine and are happy to fulfill that role. They won’t try to control you, manipulate you, use sex against you or many of the other negatives of dating that you may be accustomed to.

There will be a lot less arguments because they won’t use petty things against you. That said, they are just like any other girl. They will want to eat out occasionally, go to movies, go on trips etc.

The Red Flags Of Dating A Thai Girl

There’s so many positives about Thai girls, that we just can’t mention them all, and really it depends on your likes and dislikes however, red flags are global. If a Thai girl has 4, maybe 5 of these - being brutally honest, save yourself heart ache and move on.

A lot of these red flags aren’t really about Thai girls, just girls in general!

Asks For Money

We’re all hard up sometimes, but if your Thai girl is spinning you stories about buying coffee shops, her family is ill etc, take a step backward and just look at the situation. It may be legitimate, and you may want to help if you can but don’t rush into anything!

Thinks That Thai Men Are Bad

Why does she think this? What are her experiences? Why isn’t she going to use you and think you’re bad


If you’re on a date and she’s using her phone or texting, why??? It’s a date and you should be learning about each other.

Bad Language

Swearing or cursing, particularly in English is a big red flag, where did she learn this language from? And why does she think it’s acceptable?

Spends Time In Bars

It’s more normal in Thai society nowadays to go to bars or clubs but you should definitely be concerned if it looks like your Thai girl is at them all the time.

Spends Money Recklessly

Does she have a good job? If she does and she saves money then, to each their own however if she’s spending money and she hasn’t got a good job, where is she getting the money from?

Covered In Tattoos

Tattoos were taboo, not so much nowadays, a small tattoo pretty much means nothing, larger tattoos are just another flag.


Very few Thai girls smoke, there’s not many places where a good Thai girl is going to pick up the habit, so where has she been?

Shows Off Wealth

Thai culture is about Face, but do it tastefully. If your Thai girl is wearing excessive amounts of gold and showing off other valuables, you know where her priorities lie.

English Is Too Good

Thai’s are getting better at English, but it is still lagging. If your Thai girl has very good English but didn’t study, and never had an English speaking boyfriend, it’s a bit strange.

Take note of the English she uses, it will help you identify where she learnt it.

We wish you the very best of luck finding the perfect Thai girl to date!