7 Reasons Why Thai Women Are Beautiful

Thai women are well known for their beauty, what do they do differently?
Created At 2018-10-26 10:22:03
Updated At 2018-12-17 11:44:20

Thai women are known for their beauty and while they are definitely naturally good looking, and Thai women age very well. I think there’s a deeper reason, and the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” may well be true.

Let’s get into it!

Her Femininity

Thai women are taught from a young age that being feminine is a good thing. Thai women tend to be very polite, well mannered and respectful.

You won’t find yourself having pointless arguments over small things. It’s funny. We could not think of one time where a Thai woman has complained about a toilet seat being left up!

She won’t make a scene in public. This is partly because of Thai culture but underlying this fact is that she wants you to take control and lead the way. So do it.

Thai women are very agreeable and this fact is especially true if the woman has only recently met you. If you’ve been out on a date and she LIKES YOU. Chances are, she’ll be positive about an activity that she didn’t really enjoy, be it movie or restaurant. Like all humans, she wants to leave a good impression, being negative doesn’t make a good impression!

When a Thai woman does get close to you, she will open up and tell you exactly what she really thinks. Perhaps a little too honest sometimes!

If something is bothering you, you can have deep meaningful conversations with a Thai woman, she won’t just dismiss your point of view and will listen closely. The only time this isn’t true is when language is a barrier, so practice your Thai!

Her Slender Body

Thai’s are naturally slimmer than westerners. An average thai will be a healthy weight, which lets face it, gives them an instant boost above the competition.

There’s obviously genetics at play, Thai’s are simply smaller however that’s far from the full story. Thai women tend to eat well, and they want to look after their appearances. Simply put they know men prefer women who are a healthy weight.

Luckily for us, there aren’t feminists in Thailand telling women that they can be obese, healthy and attractive!

Her Eyes

So obvious right? Thai women have piercing, large round eyes, with thick eyelashes. They are definitely sexy!

Her Hair

You’ve got one choice here, long black straight hair. If you like it, you’re in luck!

Long hair has been known to be a sign of good health for a long time. It’s similar to how wide hips are seed as being a good partner. Consciously, we may not know these things however subconsciously we do.

It’s quite easy to figure it out, we look at a Thai woman’s hair and recognise that she is a healthy human being.

Her Smile

It is called the land of smiles after all… Thai people smile for all types of reasons, maybe it is because they are happy, or maybe it’s a quick “hello” smile as you walk by. 

Learning what different smiles means is important but there’s one simple fact. It’s nicer seeing someone smile at you, rather than frown.

She Is Considerate

Thai women are brought up to respect their partners, respect their partners and support them. 

She won’t just think about herself all of the time, she’ll put others before herself if its needed.

That doesn’t mean they are a pushover, and will definitely let you know when something is truly bugging them! It does mean that they will do it in a respectful way, that actually solves the problem, rather than just shouting.

Her Skin

Thai women have very smooth, tanned skin. What can we say? They eat healthily and take good care of themselves!

One thing is true for sure, Thai women are beautiful!