7 Amazing Reasons To Date Bangkok Girls

Bangkok girls positivity will improve your life!
Created At 2018-12-17 08:17:50
Updated At 2018-12-30 05:57:39

Here are the top 7 reasons to date Bangkok girls. The TL;DR is that they have an outlook on life that is inherently positive and leads to happiness. Happiness improves every aspect of your life, and that is why you should date a Bangkok girl!


Bangkok girls are naturally loving and caring. They are able to take care of themselves and their families. Being able to know that you can rely on a person, is such a massive part of a healthy relationship.

The majority of Bangkok girls will have a steady job. They can take care of themselves financially and won’t need to rely on you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them out on dates and spoil them occasionally, or perhaps they can spoil you!

Bangkok girls aren’t needy, sure they want attention, who doesn’t? But it’s not overwhelming. They are happy for you to do your thing and are surprisingly open to trying new things. If you want to do an activity and you want her to come with you, just ask!

All of this said, don’t misplace their trust. You will have way more freedom in a relationship with a Bangkok girl than you’ve ever had before. That doesn’t mean you can use her and that would be a bad mistake to make!


Happiness comes naturally to Thai people, it’s called the land of smiles for a reason. It often feels that simple happiness is downplayed, in the western world you’re told to strive for a better job, better education, more money, just MORE! Which, you obviously need a certain amount of but it seems to come at a detriment to your physical and mental health, your happiness and your personal relationships.

Being in a relationship with a Bangkok girl will open your eyes. It’s inevitable, you’re going to feel happier. A year or two down the line, she will still be making you happy, and she’s not going to drop some bombshell like “I’m bored of our relationship.” or some other rubbish, that we may be accustomed to!

Happiness is underrated and contagious. If your partner is happy, that’s guaranteed to make you happy as well. Happiness will help you grow as a person, friend and partner. You’re going to find more exciting to get started each day and to meet your goals and ambitions in life. You’ll find yourself succeeding more than ever before, without feeling like something is dragging you back.

Why? You’ll be in a positive relationship where you’re helping each other, and pushing each other to succeed! Don’t wait, don’t be that person. Start now and find your soulmate in Bangkok and just be happy!


Bangkok girls look after themselves, the whole deal, they exercise regularly, they eat healthily and have a positive outlook on life. That makes them sexy and that’s a fact.

The best part is that this applies to the majority of Bangkok girls, there’s no shortage. Infact, it actually works in your favour, as you’re the less common commodity!

We’ve written about this before however it stands true when dating Bangkok girls, we encourage you to meet and talk with many different Thai girls, there’s no downsides, even if it doesn’t work out you can still be friends.

It’s hard to say exactly why Bangkok girls take good care of themselves, even when in relationships they never let themselves go. One plausible reason is competition, there’s a lot of sexy Bangkok girls, if they stop taking care of themselves, well being honest men’s eyes wonder.

What is certain, your sexy Bangkok girl is going to remain sexy throughout your relationship, she’s going to take care of herself, not just for herself but as a sign of respect for you.


Roughly 93.6% of all the people in Thailand are Buddhists and a big part of Buddhism is compassion. Bangkok girls have compassion for people and compassion for animals, so why is this important? Simply, Bangkok girls will have an understanding of how you feel, and will actively try to make you feel special and wanted.

Having a compassionate partner is so important, compassionate people are happier, more optimistic and more understanding. They can communicate more effectively by reading the situation and understanding how people feel.

Having a compassion partner is a necessity. There’s scientific studies that dive deeper and the conclusion is that compassionate people are happier and that explains so much.


Wow that's a bit serious and we've written about marriage in Thailand before... but being honest, Bangkok girls are wife material. You'll see just how much your life starts to improve after getting into the dating scene!

You’re going to be happier. You’re going to succeed in your endeavours. You’re going to set goals and achieve them. You’re going to feel like you’re wanted. You’re going to feel like you’re important. You’re going to feel the stress melt away.

Why? Bangkok girls will make you feel that way. Their positivity and outlook on life will rub off on you. Having someone in your life that’s happy is so underrated, it will help orient your perspective toward really achieving your own happiness and improving all of the relationships in your life.


There’s really nothing stopping you and no reason not to meet sexy Bangkok girls, TODAY! Whether or not it works out and you find your soulmate, you will have fun along the way and you’ll meet some great people and make great friends.

When looking at this list, I hope you understand that many of the personality traits of Bangkok girls are intertwined, you can’t have compassion without happiness, you can’t have independence without looking after yourself.

Now is where things get serious. Don’t waste your time. Start being proactive. Don’t be one of these people who has excuses and puts everything off. Signup now, start chatting to Bangkok girls and start setting up dates. Even if you plan to come to Thailand in a few months, get started now!

Dating is partially a game, dating involves meeting people and finding out what you want in a person, and in all likelihood you’ll need to date many Bangkok girls before finding what you want!